Coconut Oil For Dogs Information

There are tons of health benefits of coconut oil. There are tons of health benefits for humans. What many people do not realize is that most of the same health benefits apply when using coconut oil for dogs, as well. Before we discuss the many health benefits of coconut oil for dogs, it is important to understand that you should always be using virgin or extra virgin unrefined coconut oil to achieve coconut oil for dogs benefits.

If your dog is experiencing some health complications and traditional medicines do not seem to be working, you should begin looking at both; the dogs diet and natural solutions. You want to find natural solutions to your dog’s problems because it will benefit them in the long run. Perhaps your dog has one of the following diseases or conditions; yeast infection, hot spots, itching, skin irritation, fungus…etc. Regardless of the problem, it is highly likely that coconut oil for dogs can help.

Coconut oil has extremely beneficial health properties. This is because the properties that make up coconut oil contain; antibacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. These properties give coconut oil a huge range of health benefits.

Coconut Oil For Dogs Information

Coconut Oil For Dogs Information

In order to achieve and get the most from coconut oil. Coconut oil should always be both; consumed and applied externally on the skin. Because of its many beneficial health properties, coconut oil can solve a range of common problems in dogs. It is an extremely good moisturizer for dogs because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It is able to soothe irritation and calm down inflammation. It is a good choice to use on a dogs paws, as well. It can protect the paws from environmental damage and other problems associated with walking.

When consumed internally, coconut oil will benefit the dog from within. It will essentially work inside out. The digestive system is the cause for much of diseases affecting both; humans and dogs. For this reason, it is important to supplement your dogs diet with coconut oil. Because the oil is so high in healthy fats for dogs, supplementing them with the oil can help; the fur, the eyes, the skin and bowel movements. A dog with a healthy ratio of good fats to bad will likely be healthier than one without one. One of the only ways to achieve this is by feeding your dog the best foods and/or supplementing with things like coconut oil.

Coconut Oil For Dogs Health Benefits

People is becoming more health conscious by the day. People is making the choice become healthier by making healthier decisions. People is making better dietary choices and even choosing to supplement their diets with beneficial vitamins and minerals. The movement for more health conscious behavior has been moving along to our best friends. Many people have heard of fish oil for dogs, and people have long been giving dogs fish oil supplements for a healthy coat. However, there are tons of different supplements that would benefit a dogs health. For instance, one of the best supplementation options available is coconut oil for dogs.

Coconut oil contains many essential fatty acids, vitamins and other properties that our bodies need to function properly. Coconut oil contains the following; antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti fungal, and anti inflammatory properties. All of these properties make coconut oil for dogs an incredible supplementation option.

Some of the health benefits of coconut oil for dogs are as follows

- Relieves skin of itching, hot spots, flea allergies, and eczema – Improves overall skin health

- Enhances coats color and reduces dandruff

- Prevents yeast infections and candida

- Helps disinfects and promote healing of open wounds – Promotes healthy digestive system

- Improves nutrient absorption

- Reduces bad breath

- Helps improve immune system and fight off disease and infections – Regulates insulin levels

- Reduces weight

- Helps dogs with ligament problems


Coconut Oil For Dogs Health Benefits

Coconut Oil For Dogs Health Benefits

It should be noted that if you are considering supplementing your dog’s with coconut oil, you must use extra virgin unrefined coconut oil. Refined coconut oil has been stripped of virtually all of its beneficial properties through the refining process. For this reason, it is essential that you supplement your dog’s with extra virgin and unrefined coconut oil. You should be able to find this type of coconut oil at your local supermarket, local health stores and even online. You will want to look at Amazon because they have tons of different options to consider. You will want to search for the product reviews to determine the best products for your situation. I would recommend a brand like; Nutiva Coconut Oil.

Although coconut oil is 100% natural and has shown no negative side effects when taken, you should be careful. As always, before adding supplementation of coconut oil for dogs, you should always seek a professionals opinion. Talk to your dog’s veterinarian to ensure that coconut oil is right for them. You need to be sure that your dogs veterinarian knows what your dog is eating in order to ensure the safety and health of your dog.

Coconut Oil For Dogs Might Be The Way To Go

Are you tired of your little dog’s flaky and unmanageable coat? It can be uncomfortable for a dog to have an irritated and dry coat problem. As a responsible owner, I am sure that you do not wish for your dog to suffer. You also want your dog to always look his best!

This is easy when you buy coconut oil for dogs.

Just like you have a skin care routine, your dog needs one as well. He or she needs it to give you there best look every single day. Don’t you want people to remark about the appearance of your pets in a positive way? Well we are sure that they will be impressed with your dogs coat once you use coconut oil for dogs on them. There is nothing that will make them shine better.

Looking for a way to keep your dog untangled in between trips to the groomer? Well this is something that a lot of people deal with when they have a long haired dog. Often times there is a problem with knotting in between trims. This forces some owners to have to shave there dogs. Dog fur is not as easy to unknot as human hair. Coconut oil for dogs will help keep there fur lubricated and knot free.

Coconut Oil For Dogs Might Be The Way To Go

Coconut Oil For Dogs Might Be The Way To Go

Coconut oil is also very nutritious. It comes from nature so you know that it is jam packed with vitamins to help your dog flourish. Looking for a healthier dog? Well guess what? The nutrients from the coconut can be taken in through the skin. So not only will he get a shiny coat but he will also get a better bill of health.

Why trust less natural moisturizer on your dog? Who knows how it will react with your dogs delicate fur. When you use coconut oil you understand that the product is entirely natural and can have no adverse effects unless your dog is allergic to coconut. That is not very likely now is it?

So why wait any longer? You deserve to have the best pup on the block! The neighbors will try to steal him once they see the silk growing from his skin! That’s what it will be like when you use coconut oil for your dog today. Make sure that you get yours now. The more you use it the more health and beauty benefits you and your dog will enjoy.

The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil For Dogs

In all of the hipster health groups, the benefits of coconut oil has been raved about for the last 7 years or so. Even Dr.Oz has talked about the benefits of coconut on his national TV show. Even my friends who basically eat a hamburger and pizza diet know of the benefits of coconut oil. What I was shocked to learn, is how coconut oil for dogs is also healthy. I suppose it would seem that dogs and humans are so far a part but biologically most mammals have the same glandular system just different nutritional needs from each other.

When research the benefits of coconut oil for dogs, it quickly became apparent that coconut does the same thing for dogs as it does for humans. Coconut oil improves insulin sensitivity, which is important for people who treat their dog with too many glucose creating snacks. It also improve thyroid and liver health in dogs. It is said to be good for the joints and it can prevent yeast, fungus and candida in K9′s like it does for humans. Probably not as important for dogs as it is for humans, coconut oil is satiating and will prevent a person from overeating.

The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil For Dogs

The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil For Dogs

So, how should you add coconut oil to your dogs diet. For humans, we normally have two options, gelcap pills with concentrated coconut oil or bottled coconut oil. For dogs, it is best to use bottled coconut and to mix it with their food so that they will eat it without any trouble. It would be amusing and almost impossible to dispense coconut oil in a gelcap to a dog. It simply wouldn’t want and your dog would not sit still long of enough for you to shove it down its mouth. Adding it to your dogs food is the best and most humane way.

Hopefully, this article has peaked your interest in supplementing coconut to your dogs diet. It really can make your dog healthier and give it a longer life. The health benefits of coconut oil for dogs is the same as humans and it helps fight of metabolic problems such as thyroidism, diabetes, high blood sugar, insulin intolerance, yeast grow in the intestine, fungus and candida in the intestinal tract. All of these issues can be improved when you supplement coconut oil into your diet. You owe it to your pet to provide them the greatest diet and health benefits that you can afford.

Why Coconut Oil For Dogs Is Healthy

Who would have ever thought that my dog would have the same health issues that I have. When you think about it, we have lived almost the same life. Although, that might sound ridiculous, on many levels it is very much truth. When I lost my job, my ability to eat and purchase healthy food was wiped away, my dog also suffered. When I had money, I was feeding him the best food on the market and using raw meat in his diet. When my life got hectic and I stopped walking 5 miles in the neighborhood, my dogs stopped getting fresh exercise because he was my walking companion. There is a direct correlation with the decline in my health and my dogs health.

So, when I was diagnosed with diabetes it was no shocked. I was eating craps food and I was actually letting my dog eat some of this bad food as well. A health scare made me go on a health kick where I learned everything about nutrition. I started supplementing and eating health food. Coconut is one of the things I started supplementing with and it did improve my blood sugar.

Why Coconut Oil For Dogs Is Healthy

Why Coconut Oil For Dogs Is Healthy

A few years later my dog was diagnosed with diabetes and it was ALL my fault. I had been a bad owner. My goal now was to get my best friend healthy like I had gotten myself healthy. I started giving my dog coconut oil for dogs, we started going on those long walks again and I controlled his diet. Within a few months he was back healthy, no longer sluggish and the vet gave him a clean bill of health. The coconut oil for dogs make his coat shine and he was much happier and peaceful than he was before.

If there is a moral of the story, it is to take care of your health and your pets health. You can intertwine the two. It might sound humorous but my dog and I are both on a low carb meat and veggies diet. Dogs are naturally carnivores who occasional eat plants in the wild. I try to keep my dogs diet natural, like I try to keep my diet organic.

So far both of us are in good health.